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Becoming a Trainer (BAT) Part 1 & 2

Becoming a trainer is a two-part training course that focuses on developing participants skills, knowledge ...


This course will explore the concept of differentiation through the research of Carol Ann Tomlinson. Participants ...

Understanding & Supporting the ELL Learner

In this course, participants will explore the Cummins, BICS & CALP model as well as completing tasks ...

Assessment for Learning

The course explores each principle in detail, exploring the latest research as well as highlighting ...

Arabic Writing Skills

Teaching writing is an important component of a comprehensive literacy programme. In this course, ...

Developing Fluency & Phonological Awareness in Arabic

This course will focus on understanding the importance of phonological awareness and fluency in teaching reading. ...

Mentor Training

This course will support aspiring mentors with developing the skills, knowledge and experience ...

Integrating Technology in the Early Years

This course begins by discussing why technology is such an important feature of teaching & learning and ...

Writing Learning Objectives & Success Criteria

This course will support participants in understanding the triangulation between writing learning objectives, ...

Behaviour Management

This course is intended to highlight the significant impact positive behaviour management has on a classroom ...

“In every session, I have left
learning something that I can
use in my classroom the next day”.
-Teacher, ADNOC Schools, Ghayathi

“Seeing the growth over time in confidence and capabilities within our aspiring and current middle leaders was wonderful. Growing networks across the group and beyond, to develop our staff continually has been a real strength of the programme.”
School Leader – Aldar Academies

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Leaders Accredited

of Training


Our team are outstanding practitioners with a broad skill-set and experience across all phases of education. The team are accredited school inspectors and have undertaken numerous school reviews, supporting leadership teams as improvement partners. Collectively we have over 100 year’s experience and we are ready to support and empower.

Maria Sharples

Academic Director

Hanadi Mustafa

Group Head for Arabic Language Development

Emma Owen

Senior Manager of School Review and CPD

Nisreen Elqamsat

Manager of School Review and CPD (Arabic)

Iman Toukabri

Manager of School Review and CPD (Arabic)

Liam Stewart

Manager of Primary

Hannah Grange

Manager of Special Educational Needs (SEN)


The ATA tiered Leadership programme provides an outstanding opportunity to inspire future leaders; supporting them...

Sarah Weaver

Principal - Al Mamoura Academy

The Aldar Leadership Academy is designed to guide and support our aspiring senior leaders and School Principals ...

Chris Nourse

Principal - Al Ain Academy

To the ATA Team, just a quick note to say thank you and that I am incredibly grateful for the support you have...

Talita Cerene Delport

Teacher of Elemetary Classroom - ADNOC Schools - Ghayathi

The FS support Network Meetings were well planned for teachers to discuss and collaborate during the school...

Ninetta Challita


The importance of the various training programmes offered by the "Aldar Training Academy" lies in the remarkable ...

Waseem Nabaa

Deputy Head- MOE Subjects K-12 - ADNOC Schools – ADNOC SAS Nakhl

As a member of the Aldar Education family, I was pleased to hear of the launch of Aldar Training Academy...

Fatima Helmy

Head of Islamic and Social Studies Department - Aldar Academies – Al Yasmina Academy

I am Muna Abu Safi, one of the Heads of Departments in Aldar Academies. I have had the opportunity ...

Muna Abu Safi

Head of Arabic Department - Aldar Academies – West Yas Academy

I would like to express my gratitude to the Aldar Training Academy team for their expertise and the opportunity ...

Ameera Alnuaimi

Teacher under training – One of the graduates enrolled in the Training of trainees programme. - Charter School – Aldana

I had the privilege of working alongside Senior Leaders from across the Aldar group to facilitate and deliver the NPQML...

Danielle Rooth

Assistant Principal - Al Mamoura Academy

The Becoming A Trainer (BAT) course offered by ATA provided useful insights into the characteristics of adult...

Dr. Kate McMillan

Group Head Safeguarding & Inclusion - Aldar HQ

ATA CPD on TEAMS is the perfect platform for both aspiring and experienced educators. Whether it is an educational...

Tracey MacDonald

Principal - Al Budoor Charter School

First of all, I would like to express how happy and proud I am to be part of this distinguished training programme ...

Saleh Senan

Teacher under training – One of the graduates enrolled in the Training of trainees programme. - Charter School – Alrayana